My name is Tara Young. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL and grew up spending many of my days on the beach.  I now live here with my wonderful husband and two sweet babies. As a family, we take every opportunity to get outside and soak up a little sunshine! I am a coffee addict, saltwater lover, a cloth diapering mama, and a birth enthusiast. 

The birth process has always been fascinating to me but that fascination grew exponentially when I found out I was pregnant with  my son, Tegan, in 2012. There is nothing like your first pregnancy and the birth of your first child. It opens your eyes to how incredible a woman's body is - and I promise you have never met a human that  is more perfect than that fresh  little baby. My love of the world of childbirth expanded even more so while I was pregnant with my daughter. I had a very different, very healing, birth experience with her that made me appreciate EVERYTHING that goes into a beautiful birth story. Since then, I have not stopped learning about pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. I am always reading something new and mind-blowing about the intricacies, yet the amazing primal simplicity, of growing a little human and then welcoming them into your arms. I bring this to every birth I photograph. Every birth is special. Every birth is beautiful. 

When I was preparing to have my son, I really wasn't  aware of the fact that a birth photographer was even an option. So, unfortunately I don't have professional photos from my son's birth. I so wish I did. Thankfully my mother-in-law wasted no time jumping into action and snapping some very sweet pictures with her phone. While I wish I had professional photos from that day, I cherish those cell phone pictures more than I can express. I'm tearing up just thinking about them. 

Before I was even pregnant again, I knew next time would be different. I knew I wanted really great photos - and a lot of them! I had attended a couple births as a photographer and decided I would enlist a little help to take photos of  Iris' arrival. I am beyond in love with the photos I have of that moment. Some of my favorites are in the gallery below. The photos that I have to look at from the birth of my son and my daughter mean the world to me and that is what I want to give you. I want you to look at the photos from the moments before, during, and after welcoming your little one earthside and relive the rush of emotions you felt then. I want you to  have photos you can cherish forever and be proud to show your children one day.